Board of Directors

Vice Admiral Robert George Cooling, CB

Vice Admiral Robert George Cooling, CB

Founder, Chairman and

Non-Executive Director

Vice Admiral Robert Cooling, CB, joined the board in August 2016 having recently completed a distinguished career in the Royal Navy spanning 33 years during which he commanded four ships including the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious.

Prior to his retirement he was the Chief Operating Officer for NATO’s strategic command in the USA where he led an internationally acclaimed change management and transformation programme. In this capacity, he was responsible for a €110m operating budget and a multi-national civilian and military staff of 1200, spread over two continents and 28 nations.

Bob worked with the founders of OS3 Digital at Quindell as a Non-Executive Director. Bob’s pedigree is evident in all of his engagements since he retired from the Royal Navy. Among his most notable contributions was his involvement in the sale of Quindell’s Professional Services Division for over $800m.

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Remuneration, Audit and Risk.

Key directorships outside OS3 Group

Alaris Investment Holdings UK Limited (an investment company primarily focused on technology investments).


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