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Robert Simon Terry

Robert Simon Terry

Founder and Non-Executive Director

Rob is a seasoned director, having been the Chairman of his first disruptive technology company at the age of 21, Rob is also a respected management consultant, technologist and a serial entrepreneur. Rob’s digitally disruptive technology designs have been the basis of three global public companies. The last two of these, being the ones he founded, both reached market caps of US$2bn+.

The Innovation Group Plc (“TiG”) just about reached this US$2bn target but Quindell Plc, about 8 years later, reached a market cap that more than doubled the US$2bn achieved at TiG, with just one of Quindell’s divisions being sold for over US$800m shortly after Rob left in 2014/15. In both these ventures, Rob worked closely with Steve Scott, OS3 Digital’s Deputy Chairman, on commercial and growth strategies. They, together with all of the other current members of the OS3 Digital board, also worked closely on major projects at various times whilst at Quindell.

Rob and the OS3 Digital team have a solid base of contacts and supportive investors, having established businesses that together have employed significantly over five thousand staff around the globe, and from those staff alone helped generate wealth to create approaching 50 multi-millionaires.

In 1995, at the age of 26, Rob sold the first technology company that he had founded to a Toronto based public company, LAVA Systems Inc.. LAVA focused on case, work-flow, imaging and document management technology which had been originally designed by Rob.

In 1997 Rob left to form TiG. TiG was listed in June 2000 and in the 18 months following made 28 acquisitions across 11 countries. Rob oversaw the growth of TiG, as Chairman and Chief Executive, to over two thousand staff and grew revenues to £100m+. Rob left in 2003 to develop Quindell.

Quindell listed in May 2011. It developed a digitally disruptive but ethical business model to initially address the issues within the UK general insurance market, and latterly the global insurance industry. At Quindell Rob oversaw the growth organically and by acquisition to over 3,500 staff and circa £500m revenues, ensuring its two divisions respectively became a key technology provider to the global insurance industry, and the UK’s largest claims professional services organisation (which sold for over $800m).

Rob left the board of Quindell in late 2014, and he continued to work with Quindell as an independent consultant, via OS3 Digital, until March 2015.

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Head of Nominations, Head of Remuneration, Head of Audit and Risk.

Key directorships outside OS3 Group

Quob Park Limited (an investment company holding shares in OS3 Digital).


Total Equity: 68.70% Voting Equity: 75.14%

The above shareholding includes shares held as family interests or by virtue of the shareholders position as trustee, beneficiary or potential beneficiary of certain trusts or companies.

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