Board of Directors

Stephen Scott

Stephen Scott

Non-Executive Chairman

In April 2015, Steve joined the board. He entered the IT industry in 1975, beginning as a software developer and then moving into marketing.

By 1994, Steve was appointed to the board of ACT and in 1995 he joined CMG. In 1997, Steve joined the UK board of CMG responsible for sales and services to the finance sector.

In 1999, he left CMG to join the board of The Innovation Group. He became a Chartered Director in 2005. Steve was instrumental in The Innovation Group’s rapid growth.

Steve joined the board of Quindell in 2009, prior to its Initial Public Offering, as a Non- Executive Director, a position which he left in November 2014.

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Nominations, Remuneration, Audit and Risk.

Key directorships outside OS3 Group

Bickleigh Ridge Limited (an investment company holding shares in OS3 Digital).


Total Equity: 11.94% Voting Equity: 12.92%

The above shareholding includes shares held as family interests or by virtue of the shareholders position as trustee, beneficiary or potential beneficiary of certain trusts or companies.